Football and multi skills club for age 2-4 and 5-6.

Our unique concept delivers early physical activity and sporting interaction between parent and child.

All Activities take place in sport halls and 3G fields.

About the project

”The Eight – First Kick” is a football activity envisaged for children aged 2 to 6. It is one of  ”The Eight Football Club” projects which aim at physical education focused on the durable fostering of healthy habits among young girls and boys through promoting the principles of active lifestyle based on high-level sporting activities.

During the activities the children, under supervision of a trainer or an assistant, enter the enchanted realm of fairy tales and stories in which they, when having adventures, compete with each other observing the rules of fair play. They play mini-football at the same time. Thanks to an appropriate number of groups and extensively equipped playgrounds, each child may count on the full support at the time of football activities. Certain hidden talents and skills which are dormant in a child will be disclosed and facilitated.

The carefully selected training staff consists of persons who daily conduct football activities at the best place for young talents to develop: The Eight Football Club. Drawing on experience and a program specially designed for youngsters, they buttress the boys’ and girls’ will to exercise and give them the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments.

Enroll your child now and give him/her a unique opportunity to learn football and enjoy master play along with The Eight Football Club.

To strengthen the bond between the parent and the child during the activities of “The Eight FC – The First Kick”, we will encourage the parents and guardians of young football players to participate in the activities as well.

Remember, first training is difficult for everyone. With this in mind, please be patient with the trainers, managers and your children.

Here is a tip what to take to the first The Eight First Kick training:
water + track suit + good humor = successful training

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